How Long Does Exterior Waterproofing Last?

Posted on: Dec 01, 2021


A roll of drainage board for exterior waterproofing resting on a wall

Many experts would agree that exterior waterproofing typically lasts around three times longer than interior waterproofing and is generally considered a relatively more permanent waterproofing solution. However, this depends on a number of factors.

For instance, a poorly installed exterior waterproofing system could be outlasted by interior waterproofing done by meticulous waterproofing professionals. The materials used would also be another factor to consider, as well as how well suited the installed solution is to the property’s needs. 

So, how long does waterproofing last? The answer for this is that it depends. Many sources would say waterproofing only lasts for seven or 10 years. Luckily, with a waterproofing company like PRO Waterproofers, the quality of the work is so top-notch that they carry a long-lasting 30-year warranty.  

In this guide, we explore the topic of “how long does waterproofing last?” and all the factors that contribute to it. Along the way, we’ll also talk about waterproofing as an investment and if it’s really worth it depending on your individual needs.  

Drainage board installed for exterior waterproofing

How Long Does Foundation Last? 

Before we talk about how long waterproofing lasts, let’s take a closer look at it as an investment. Is it worth it? And is it worth it even if it may need touch-ups or replacements every few decades? This all ties into how long foundations last.

In general, concrete foundations have a lifespan of around 150 years. If you live in a much older home, this could be a worrying thought. 

However, high-quality waterproofing would help add to the lifespan of a home’s foundation by protecting it from water damage.

How Exterior Waterproofing Protects Your Foundation 

To continue analyzing waterproofing as an investment, let’s talk about how waterproofing protects your foundation. 

Exterior waterproofing protects your home’s foundation by keeping it completely dry. This prevents the water from seeping through and worsening the cracks that are already there. It also prevents mould from growing on the moist walls. Mould can actually degrade concrete, making it more porous over time. 

When exterior waterproofing is paired with a weeping tile with a sump pump drainage system, it will prevent water from pooling around your home’s soil. When you do this, you decrease harmful hydrostatic pressure and prevent soil expansion which could also put a strain on the foundation walls. 

For all the reasons above, many agree that although exterior waterproofing may not last forever and the fact that it would need touch-ups or replacement every few decades, it is still considered as a worthy investment.

Aside from all of these, you also get to have a dry basement that essentially increases the amount of livable space in your home.    

10 signs your home needs exterior waterproofing.

How Long Does Waterproofing Last? 

The lifespan of waterproofing can be seven to 10 years. At PRO Waterproofers, the quality of our work extends the exterior waterproofing lifespan to 30 years. In order to achieve this kind of longevity for our waterproofing solutions, it takes meticulous work, high-quality materials, and more.

If you have any questions about our 30-year warranty, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Materials used for exterior waterproofing

Elements That Make Exterior Waterproofing Last Longer 

Exterior waterproofing is a residential preservation solution that needs to resist environmental forces. Mainly, these forces include hydrostatic pressure and capillary action. 

Hydrostatic pressure is the force exerted by stagnant water. This can come from water-saturated soil or a high water table. Meanwhile, capillary action is the movement of water through the small pores present in concrete. 

For waterproofing to last longer and effectively address the above problems, PRO Waterproofers offers the following solutions: 

1. High-Quality Materials That Work Well Together 

One of the critical elements that affect the answer to “how long does waterproofing last?” is the quality of materials used. Moreover, the materials need to be used in a way that allows them to work well together. 

PRO Waterproofers use either a high-quality self-adhesive membrane or sprayed-on monolithic coating to create the waterproof barrier. We will determine which one suits a home’s foundation the best.  

From here, we also add a drainage board that adds protection to the coating and directs water down to a weeping tile system. On top of that, we also add a layer of protective and insulating foam. 

With these high-quality materials all working together, the waterproofing stays solid and unpunctured for decades.  

2. Finding and Solving Adjacent Problems 

Is it just a matter of making your foundations waterproof? What about other related problems like high water tables, poor rainwater management, or the topography that makes water collect too much at the foundation? You need experts who can identify problems like these so you can prevent repercussions. 

For example, if water keeps collecting around your foundation, a waterproof layer will not stop the force that the stagnant water inflicts on your foundation walls. The long-term repercussion of this is that the wall may eventually bow under the pressure. In cases like this, you really need a complete set of solutions that only experienced waterproofers can recommend and set up for you. 

3. An Experienced Team That Genuinely Cares 

One small gap or one small oversight can make a waterproofing system weak. Therefore, probably the most crucial element to make waterproofing last long is the combination of experience and genuine care. You need experts that have the know-how and who will go the extra mile for you. More importantly, you need people who can innovate on the fly to give you nothing but the best.

Professional Exterior Waterproofing That Lasts 

We at PRO Waterproofers offer a 30-year warranty on our waterproofing solutions, including exterior waterproofing. We have confidence that our waterproofing systems will last. This is our way of giving assurance to our customers who are making the big investment of waterproofing their basements. 

The secret behind the longevity of our solutions is our dedication to providing the best. We use sturdy, long-lasting materials and we custom-fit our exterior waterproofing to the needs of the property. Through our careful assessment, we can help weed out other problems that cause basement leaks and foundation damage.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, reach out to our team and take advantage of our FREE in-home consultation. 

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