10 Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Waterproofing

Posted on: Dec 11, 2020


Outside view of exterior waterproofing done on a basement

The typical basement in North America is dimly lit and uninsulated; the worst part is that most of these basements also become damp during certain weather conditions. There are certain precautionary measures you can implement in order to avoid any extensive damage from basement flooding, like sump pumps, however, if they fail, it can result in the waking nightmare of the water damage it brings. 

The average cost of a basement flood in Canada is $43,000. In addition, if your basement has flooded once, there’s a high likelihood that it will recur, giving you further expenses down the line. This is why exterior waterproofing is the main solution you need to have a dry and flood-free basement for decades to come. With effective and professionally-installed exterior waterproofing, you will be able to:

  • Put an end to the recurring expenses and hassles of flooding
  • Have peace of mind, even when it rains 
  • Use the basement for safe storage or additional living space 

In this article, we will cover the signs that your basement needs exterior waterproofing. Let’s get started!

A fully finished billiards room in a basement with exterior waterproofing


1. Puddles on the Basement Floor or Flooding

This is the most glaring sign that you need exterior waterproofing. If you see puddles or experience mild floods in your basement, it’s likely that the problem will only get worse over time. It will lead to other bigger problems like mould, warping wood, rusting metal, and so on. 


2. Water Stains on the Walls

As water enters through cracks in the foundation walls, it may leave water stains behind over time. This is particularly noticeable if your basement wall is painted. 


3. Condensation on Basement Windows or Doors

When there is water in a basement it will cause a damp environment, therefore, you may notice condensation on basement windows and walls. Don’t ignore even the hint of dampness in your basement – because if there are any cracks present, they will only get worse and allow for more water to come in.  


4. Cracking on the Floors and Walls

Most basement flooding is caused by cracks in the concrete which are more common in older basements – so you may observe visible cracks on your basement wall. Water can also aggravate the cracks if the water coming in causes an extreme force (such as when water floods outside the home or during heavy precipitation). Over time, these cracks can lead to structural instability in your home.  


5. Efflorescence

As water passes through cracks in the concrete, it can carry minerals with it. When the water evaporates, it will leave behind a white chalky residue made up of these minerals. 


6. Swelling or Warped Wooden Elements

If water is getting into your basement it can form small puddles around wooden fixtures and you may notice that these wooden elements will start to swell and warp. Doors may fail to close due to swelling or could look misaligned. If you have any wooden floorboards, these can start to ripple. 


7. Rusting of Metal Fixtures

Even if small amounts of water get into your basement, it would create a damp environment wherein metallic fixtures will form rust. 


8. The Formation of Mould or Mildew

Damp basements are at a high risk of developing mould because it gives the perfect environment for mould formation. Mould can grow in just 24 hours and spread at an alarming rate. By having exterior waterproofing, you can put an end to this problem. 


9. Chronic Unexplained Symptoms for the Residents

This sign is tied to the presence of mould or mildew. Even if you don’t see it, unexplained chronic symptoms can give its presence away. If you notice that residents in your home have the following symptoms, there’s a high chance you’ve got a mould or mildew problem:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Red or itchy eyes
  • Wheezing and asthma
  • Cough and overall throat irritation


10. Bug Infestations

Mould isn’t the only infestation brought about by a damp or flood-prone basement. You may also suffer from bug problems. Various species of insects live and breed best in wet, dark, and uninhabited conditions


Top view of a basement in the process of getting exterior waterproofing


How to Waterproof a Basement in Toronto

If you would like to take the next steps towards a completely flood-free basement, then we’d be very happy to help you out! At PRO Waterproofers, we provide innovative and effective waterproofing solutions that you can rely on for years to come. We are so confident in the calibre of our work and the longevity of our solutions that we give up to 30 years warranty on complete foundation waterproofing systems. We also offer flexible payment options for those who need exterior waterproofing in a pinch.

With a flood-free basement, you can fully maximize the space of your property. The possibilities are endless with more room for storage, extra living space, or even an additional rentable unit. Contact us today to start with a FREE in-home consultation!

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