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Why should I get one?

The need for a sump system is circumstantial for each house. Houses with storm sewers will likely not have a sump system, as weeping tile system discharges into the storm sewer. In some older areas where a combined system is present the weeping tile system ties into the sanitary system. With ground water actively draining into the sanitary sewer, implications can be had during a sewer backup.

In the event that the sanitary sewer backs up, the line begins to fill with sewage, and depending on the circumstances the sewage is likely to back up into the basement. If a sewer backup was to occur while there is an abundant amount of ground water draining into the sanitary sewer, basement flooding is imminent. The outcome of this situation could be altered by tying the weeping tile into a sump pit, where the continuous flow of water can be ejected to the exterior of the house, eliminating the chance of flooding the basement with sewage and ground water. This type of basement flooding can turn into a catastrophic issue if the issue isn’t addressed immediately. In cases where the home owner is at work or sleeping at night, hours of basement flooding can occur before anyone realizes what had occurred.

Under normal circumstances, when the weeping tile is connected to the sanitary sewer, a sewer backup can cause sewage to back up through the sanitary sewer into the weeping tile. As sewage migrates into the weeping tile, the sanitary solids also get pushed further up into the weeping tile. After the blockage is cleared from the sanitary sewer, the liquids tend to drain out of the weeping tile, however the weeping tile design isn’t optimal for movement of solids. So it is not uncommon for solids to be left behind in the weeping tile system. This accumulation of solids has a negative impact on the overall draining ability of the weeping tile, inhibiting the migration of ground water to the sanitary sewer.

The City of Hamilton and Halton region, both offer grants to eliminate weeping tile connections to the sanitary sewer. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for the grant, give us a call and we would be more than happy to evaluate your situation.

Our Sump Systems

The sump pits we use are fully sealed, so there isn’t a nasty musty hole in your basement that is a breeding ground for basement critters. The pumps we install a wide range of sump pumps to satisfy the needs and requests of our customers. We generally recommend installing a cast iron primary pump, Pentair and Liberty Pumps both make great products that are cast iron. Although the cast iron body makes the pump a bit more expensive, we have found they are typically of great quality and tend to last longer than lower end pumps that can be found at a big box stores.

Aside from the quality primary pumps we use, we always recommend have a battery backup system. A battery backup system is a great option to avoid flooding during a power outage, pump failure or issues with electrical outlets. As the backup pump kicks on, an alarm is activated to notify the homeowner that the primary pump isn’t engaging. There are also accessories to add on to the sump system to provide constant pump status and data to the home owner via a wifi connection. If any of this interests you, give us a call and we can take a look at the product that will best suit your needs.

Make Sure You Are Familiar With The Most Common Signs Of Basement Water Leak

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    Make Sure You Are Familiar With
    The Most Common Signs Of Basement Water Leak

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