Blindside Waterproofing

What is blindside waterproofing

Blindside waterproofing, also known as pre-applied waterproofing, is relatively new. In contrast to post-applied waterproofing options, blindside waterproofing involves a waterproofing system, (which includes the waterproofing membrane and drainage course), that is put into place before the foundation walls are constructed. In a way, it is the reverse of traditional waterproofing options. 

Blindside waterproofing is constructed to last. However, the process is more complex than its traditional post-applied counterparts. 

In most cases, blindside waterproofing is the chosen foundation waterproofing solution if:

  1. The structure’s below-grade parts are still to be constructed
  2. In cases where over-excavation (and its disruption or risks) is being avoided – such as in commercial buildings that cannot afford to be closed for long periods of time
  3. In cases wherein developers want to maximize the lot area by extending the building’s footprint (thereby consequentially eliminating space for future excavations around the property)
  4. If post-applied waterproofing options will not be possible because of restrictions regarding excavation (i.e. high-density areas with zero-lot-line foundations)

If you are not sure if blindside waterproofing is for you, we can help. Our experts here at PRO Waterproofers can assess the home or building that you will have constructed and give recommendations on the best waterproofing solution for you – which could be blindside waterproofing or a fitting alternative. 

Expert Blindside Waterproofing Services

Once you bring your business to us, we will use our proven methodology and state-of-the-art techniques to assess and solve your waterproofing issues. Depending on your unique needs, blindside waterproofing may be the perfect solution. Blindside waterproofing is rising up to be the new industry standard. However, the process and design is relatively more complex than traditional waterproofing. 

This type of waterproofing is to be installed before the foundations themselves – therefore, this waterproofing solution needs to be modified not just to environmental factors but also to construction method nuances. Moreover, blindside waterproofing is predominantly used for commercial structures wherein below-grade structures delve deeper into the ground – which poses its own challenges. 

Our expert blindside waterproofing experts can take all the above into consideration and then design the waterproofing system accordingly. 

Does Your Building or Home Need Blindside Waterproofing?

The rule of thumb is that if the home/building’s foundation is yet to be constructed and future excavations are either to be avoided or impossible, then blindside waterproofing is the best option for you. 

Here are common applications of blindside waterproofing.

Blindside waterproofing is the go-to for residential and commercial properties in high-density areas wherein homes or buildings are so close together or development is so rapid that post-construction excavation would not be feasible anymore. 

In addition, blindside waterproofing is also used for commercial structures that are high-traffic or cannot be partially shut down for future excavation due to the disruption it will cause. A few examples of these include hospitals and office buildings.

Another common application of blindside waterproofing is for lots that are fully maximized in terms of the home/building’s footprint. This means that little area is left for post-construction excavation and this means traditional waterproofing cannot be installed.

How PRO Waterproofers Can Help

Our aim here at PRO Waterproofers is to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. With our help, you can have blindside waterproofing set up even before the walls and slabs of your property are poured. Our blindside waterproofing is designed to last. 

Here’s what sets up apart from the rest:

All-Around Basement and Foundation Waterproofing Experts

One of the most crucial aspects of waterproofing is matching the needs of the client with the fitting solution or set of solutions they need. Thanks to our years of experience and our numerous specialties regarding basement and foundation waterproofing, you can be sure that we can recommend the compatible waterproofing system and materials for your needs. 

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

We give worry-free solutions – and this means you will be free from environmental worries as well. The materials we use will NOT leak toxic compounds into your soil.

Professional Service That You Can Count On

Our experts will meet you on time and will work diligently until your property has reliable blindside waterproofing. Once the project is complete, the only thing we will leave behind is a job well done. We clean up all the trash and debris produced by our work.

Fair Billing Policy

We will only charge you once the project is successfully completed. Furthermore, we keep our billing as transparent and upfront as possible – no hidden charges/fees.

Our Blindside Waterproofing Procedure

1. Free Assessment

Blindside waterproofing or pre-applied waterproofing is compatible only with structures that are yet to be built or those within specific early stages of construction. This kind of waterproofing is usually recommended for residential and commercial structures wherein excavation is being avoided in the long run or future excavation may not be possible (such as in “zero lot line” foundation walls.) 

Since blindside waterproofing can only be done at a certain stage of construction, it is recommended that you get the free assessment early on. Our experts will assess if your property is compatible with blindside waterproofing or if it is really the best option for you. We will also look into other factors regarding the structure’s rainwater management and topography to explore other tangent solutions that will help keep your foundation dry.  

2. Recommendations

If blindside waterproofing is compatible with your property under construction and is the best match for your needs, we can proceed with presenting the price quotes as well as scheduling if you opt to push through with this waterproofing method. 

If alternatives or better waterproofing systems are available for your property, we will also let you know. And of course, if there are other factors that will worsen the moisture infiltration of your foundations (e.g. poor rainwater management, poor topography, naturally occurring high water table, etc.), we will present the solutions that can address those as well.  

3. Blindside Waterproofing Proper

Unlike traditional waterproofing that’s done after the construction of the structure’s foundation, blindside waterproofing doesn’t have a flat regular surface to adhere to. The challenge in blindside waterproofing is working around the soil retention system in place – this can be compacted soils, lagging beams, and/or sheet pilings. 

We use a high-quality spray and durable dimple drainage board to create a leak-proof seal around the soil retention system. We also apply a robust waterproofing membrane (which can be sheet membranes, bentonite panels, or composite systems) to the soil support. 

Once the blindside waterproofing is set up, concrete or shotcrete is applied against the membrane. This is done in a careful manner so that the waterproofing membrane adheres to the concrete foundation. 

The end product is waterproofing that lasts and protects the foundation from the outside – which is the optimal and preferred orientation for any kind of waterproofing.  

4. Clean-Up

We have the utmost respect for your home or property. Once we have set up blindside waterproofing, we will take away all debris and trash from our project site. 

Contact Us Today

Ready to have reliable and long-lasting blindside waterproofing installed for your home/building under construction? PRO Waterproofers is here to provide superior workmanship and top-notch long-lasting materials that you can count on.  

We service the areas of Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville. If you have any questions for us about blindside waterproofing or other waterproofing options, feel free to call today!

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