Leaky Basement Repair

Leaky basements are a common problem faced by homeowners everywhere. This problem can have numerous consequences including water damage, mold growth, and foundation damage in the long run. 

Depending on the root cause, repairing a leaky basement can involve a number of solutions. The most common solutions used are foundation crack repair, interior waterproofing, or exterior waterproofing. However, in some cases, tangent solutions like rainwater management, sump pump installation, and so on, are needed to remove all moisture infiltration risks

If you have a leaky basement and you are unsure of which solution fits your needs best, our experts here at PRO Waterproofers can help. After an extensive assessment of your property, we will be able to give you the best options to help you solve the problem of water in the basement.

Expert Leaky Basement Repairs

Once you entrust us with the repair of your leaky basement, we will use our proven methodology, updated techniques, and high-quality materials to give you long-lasting solutions that you can rely on. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of options available to repair a leaky basement. This is why it’s important that you get matched with the solution that really solves the underlying problems in your property. Using our expertise, we will do everything we can so that you will not deal with recurring leaky basement repairs. 

Does Your Home Have a Leaky Basement? 

Do you find yourself struggling with a leaky basement regularly? Or perhaps you’ve just encountered it for the first time in your new home and you’re wondering if it will occur again? No matter how often you’ve dealt with a water-in-basement issue, there’s a high likelihood that it will recur – as long as the underlying cause is not identified and resolved. 

The Cause of Basement Leaks 

There can be a number of reasons why basements leak. The most common causes we’ve seen include cracks in the foundation’s concrete, a high water table in the property causing hydrostatic pressure against the concrete, and/or improper rainwater management. 

In some isolated cases, basement leaks can be caused by a poorly draining window well or it can be a plumbing problem. 

Whatever the case may be, reaching out to an expert takes you one step to finding the best solution and avoiding any long-term damages that water-in-basement issues can cause. 

Problems that Can Arise From a Leaky Basement 

Leaky basements can cause the following problems and missed opportunities:

  • Possessions in the basement are more likely to suffer water damage or damage from moisture in the air (e.g. wood warping, metal corrosion)
  • The excess moisture in the basement will lead to mould growth.
  • Over time, moisture infiltration can cause damage to the foundation.
  • The basement cannot be fully utilized as a safe storage place. 
  • The basement cannot be fully utilized as an extension of living space.

How PRO Waterproofers Can Help 

Leaky basements are not only an inconvenience and a health concern, but they are also an early warning sign of further structural foundation damage that can occur. This is why we, at PRO Waterproofers, are dedicated to giving effective and targeted waterproofing solutions that will give homeowners peace of mind. With our services, you will be able to have a dry basement for years to come. 

Here’s what sets up apart from the rest:

All-Around Basement and Foundation Waterproofing Experts 

Though some homeowners may think that leaky basements occur just because of cracks in the basement or foundation wall, there are other aspects that must be considered as well. For instance, hydrostatic pressure from a high water table and/or poor water drainage on the property could be aggravating these cracks and causing the problem of water in your basement.  

If other underlying factors like this are present, the leaky basement problem may just be the tip of the iceberg. Further foundation issues may still occur if waterproofing is approached from a superficial or one-sided perspective. 

This is why it’s crucial for leaky basement repair to be as tailor-fit as possible to the needs of the property. As passionate experts in the waterproofing industry, we know how to get to the root of leaky basement issues. With our expertise, you can rest assured that you will get the compatible leaky basement repair that will keep your basement dry and your foundation strong for years to come. 

Environmentally-Friendly Materials 

When doing leaky basement repair, our ultimate goal is to provide worry-free solutions. As part of this goal, we only use environmentally-friendly materials that will NOT interfere with the health of your home’s soil. Your garden is completely safe! 

Professional Service That You Can Count On 

We stick to a high calibre of professionalism with every project we are entrusted with. Our experts will arrive on time and will work efficiently until your leaky basement issues are all solved. We also clean up the debris from our projects so that all we ever leave behind… is a job well done. 

Fair Billing Policy 

Part of our fair billing policy is we only charge once we’ve completed the project successfully. We also like to keep everything transparent – you won’t need to worry about hidden charges or hidden fees. 

Our Leaky Basement Repair Procedure 

1. Free Assessment 

For some homeowners that are faced with a leaky basement, they may try to research potential waterproofing solutions only to realize that there are actually numerous options to do so. Many homeowners in this situation would then feel lost amidst the myriad of options – some may even think DIY repair can be done. Either way, there is uncertainty. 

Our free in-home assessment is here to put aside any uncertainty you may have. Our experts can go there and inspect the leaky basement for themselves. Our experts also ask you about your goals and preferences. From here, our experts will help you explore suitable options.

 2. Recommendations 

Our leaky basement repair is not a cookie-cutter solution. We take into account the needs of your property. Do we need to deal with rainwater management, the topography of the yard, and/or the high water table around your basement? Is there enough excavation space to do exterior waterproofing? These are just a few factors to look into.

We can present you with the best leaky basement repair options for you. If a set of waterproofing solutions is needed for your property, we will also be able to give recommendations for this. 

3. Repairing the Leaky Basement 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are a number of causes why basement leaks occur. These causes correlate to different solutions. Mainly, it boils down to three common waterproofing options: 

  • Repairing foundation cracks
  • Interior waterproofing
  • Exterior waterproofing. 

If foundation crack repair is all that’s needed, the first step is to seal off the crack with a high-quality sealer along with injection ports through the crack. Then, cured epoxy, (which has greater tensile strength than concrete), is injected with an adjusted viscosity to fill the crack through and through. 

In other cases, interior waterproofing or exterior waterproofing may be needed. The main difference is that interior waterproofing is done from inside the basement (when excavation is not possible) – while exterior waterproofing is done from outside the basement (and the process starts with excavating around the basement.) 

Interior waterproofing aims to channel any water that gets into the basement neatly and quickly so that no puddles or floods can form. Meanwhile, exterior waterproofing stops any water from entering the basement. In both of these solutions, a weeping tile system is set up (or updated) in order to effectively drain water away. Both solutions also make use of waterproofing membranes albeit in different configurations. 

It is highly common for interior waterproofing setups to include a sump pump to further fortify the set up. Meanwhile, exterior waterproofing solutions can make use of additional materials (drainage boards, foam, and clear stone) to aid the external waterproofing membrane in keeping water from ever touching the foundation wall.  

4. Clean-Up 

To show full respect for your property, we will clean up all debris and trash produced from the leaky basement repair. 

Contact Us Today 

Ready to experience all the benefits of having a dry basement? You’ll be able to extend your living space, have safe storage for your possessions, or even rent out a waterproof fully-finished basement space for extra income. PRO Waterproofers is your partner in achieving these goals. We’ll give you the leaky basement repair that you can count on for years and years to come. 

We service the areas of Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville. If you have any questions for us about leaky basement repair or other waterproofing concerns, feel free to call today!

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