Cracked Wall Repair

To many property owners, one of the most daunting sights is that of a cracked wall. These can appear on concrete walls that are above-grade (interior/exterior load-bearing walls) or below-grade (foundation/ basement walls). 

These concrete cracks may simply be a natural occurrence due to concrete shrinkage or deliberate cold joints. In other instances, cracked walls in the home can be signs of a more serious problem involving the foundation. 

Here at PRO Waterproofers, we have developed reliable cracked wall assessment procedures and techniques on how to fix cracked walls. We specialize in repairs that fortify structural integrity, seal out water, and also repair the cracked wall cosmetically. 

Expert Cracked Wall Repairs 

We don’t only specialize in how to fix cracked walls, we are also equipped with the expertise to find the root cause of cracked walls in your property. We can give recommendations on a full range of solutions to prevent cracked walls due to water infiltration so that your property’s concrete walls and foundations are safeguarded for years to come. 

Whatever the needs of your home or property may be, our professional assessment, updated cracked wall repair techniques, highly graded materials, and full range of expertise will give you solutions that last. 

Does Your Home Have Cracked Walls? 

No matter how small the crack may be, if you find it somewhat linked to a leaking basement or if you are worried it can cause future structural issues in your property, it is best to call in the pros and get an assessment. As a rundown, here are the common causes of cracked walls in your home: 

Deliberate Cold Joints or Control Joints 

Cold joints typically appear when one batch of concrete is poured and has begun to harden when another batch of concrete is later poured. These are typically planned by contractors on purpose but may need repairs nonetheless since they can be a source of moisture infiltration later on. 

The same goes for control joints that are purposefully planned in some construction projects to relieve stress during concrete shrinkage. 

Concrete Shrinkage 

Concrete shrinkage cracks typically appear as hairline cracks. These are a normal part of the curing process in most newly-built homes. However, they can still be infiltrated (and even worsened by) water seeping in from an external source and would thus be a good candidate for cracked wall repair. 

Backfilling Too Soon During Construction, Soil Loading, or Expansive Soils 

Horizontal cracks can appear on basement walls if, during construction, the outside area is backfilled too soon, causing strain on the concrete that is still hardening. 

The same distinct horizontal crack can also appear due to soil loading or because of expansive soils (i.e. high-clay-content soils). Horizontal cracks appear due to lateral pressure and can cause structural issues. 

Depending on the severity, these cracks may need more intricate foundation repairs and immediate professional inspection is advised.  

Water Loading (Hydrostatic Pressure) 

Just like soil, water can also cause pressure on basement walls – this is known as hydrostatic pressure which can come from all directions. This then leads to basement leaks as well as the formation (and aggravation) of various kinds of cracks on basement walls and floors. 

Foundation Setting or Sinking 

Foundation movement and/or damage can cause cracks not just in the concrete walls of the basement but also in other parts of the property. These kinds of foundation damage, may at times, be linked to a high water table in the property. So beyond repairing (or raising) the foundation itself, waterproofing is advised to prevent further damage in the future. If you suspect this to be happening, it is advisable to contact an expert immediately. 

Earthquakes or Floods 

These calamities can place pressure on foundation concrete walls in various ways, leading to the formation of cracks. Immediate expert assessment is advised in these cases. 

How PRO Waterproofers Can Help 

We at PRO Waterproofers, aim to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. We know how to fix cracked walls in a way that is reliable and long-lasting. On top of this, here’s what sets us apart from the rest: 

All-Around Cracked Wall Repair and Waterproofing Experts 

If you need to repair cracked walls in your home, we’re here to help. We have dealt with numerous cases like this through the years. Additionally, if your cracked wall problem is tied to a waterproofing issue, we can determine what your options can be to prevent concrete wall and foundation damage due to moisture infiltration. Whatever your case may be, we can present the most compatible solutions for you. 

Environmentally-Friendly Materials 

You can rest assured that any materials we use for cracked wall repair, as well as other tangent solutions, are environmentally friendly and will NOT leak toxic substances to your soil.

Professional Service That You Can Count On 

We value your time, so we make it a point to show up on schedule – whether it’s for the FREE assessment or the project proper. And once we have successfully completed the project, we clean up any debris or trashed produced from it. 

Fair Billing Policy 

You will only be charged once we have completed the cracked wall repair successfully. In addition, we keep everything transparent so you will NOT be met with any hidden charges/fees. 

Our Process: How to Repair Cracked Walls 

1. Free Assessment 

There are different kinds of cracks that can form on above-grade and below-grade concrete walls. 

Below-Grade Structure Cracked Wall Repair 

When it comes to below-grade structures like basements, The two main areas of concern include basement leaks and the structural integrity of the entire property. It’s most often recommended to go with a wall crack repair method that not only seals the crack but also contributes to the structural strength of the cracked wall. However, in some cases, such as with foundation shifting or sinking, more extensive repairs may be needed to keep the structure from shifting or sinking further. That’s why it’s important to have a professional assessment done on such a cracked wall – a service which we offer for free. 

Above-Grade Structure Cracked Wall Repair 

If you’re looking for cracked wall repair for above-grade structures, it is equally important to determine the cause. Above-grade cracked walls in the house can also signal a problem occurring in the structural integrity of the foundation. At the very least, these also need a cracked wall repair that seals and fortifies.

Our professional FREE cracked wall assessment is the first step to effectively repair cracked walls. After the assessment, we can determine what the best course of action will be. 

2. Recommendations 

Mainly there are two common courses of action that we recommend for cracked walls: (1) cracked wall injection using top-notch construction-grade epoxy and/or (2) basement waterproofing. 

Cracked wall injections are enough in 95% of cases we encounter. However, to prevent future concrete wall cracks for below-grade structures, we may recommend basement waterproofing and/or sump pump installation to complement your cracked wall repair. 

In any case, we mostly discourage the use of urethane grouts for repairing a cracked wall. Unlike construction-grade epoxy, (which has greater tensile strength than concrete), urethane grouts are NOT intended for structural repairs. So at the very least, we’d recommend cracked wall injection using our high-quality epoxy which seals and fortifies the cracked wall. 

3. Repairing the Cracked Walls 

As we mentioned in the previous section, cracked wall repair mainly involves concrete injection using high-quality epoxy. Waterproofing (along with sump pump installation) can be secondary solutions to prevent future cracks due to hydrostatic pressure or moisture infiltration. So here’s how it works: 

Cracked Wall Repair Using Epoxy Injections 

Once cured, the epoxy we use has greater tensile strength than concrete, making it perfect for sealing, fortifying, and enhancing the appearance of your cracked wall. 

To make the most of this material, however, our experts use an adjusted viscosity of epoxy so that it reaches the very root of the crack or the other side of the concrete wall.

The process itself starts with cleaning the cracked wall repair site. Next, injection ports are mounted on the crack and the whole length of the crack is covered in a high-quality sealer. Then, with our updated techniques and quality equipment, the epoxy will get injected through the whole length and depth of the concrete wall crack. 

Waterproofing with Sump Pump Installation 

Moisture infiltration and hydrostatic pressure from the outside soil of below-grade structures like basements can cause future cracks and even foundation damage. This is especially evident in properties with a high water table. Therefore, waterproofing and/or sump pump installation is advised. 

Waterproofing can be done from inside or outside of your basement, depending on the excavation space available in your property and your own preferences. As for sump pumps, this device is usually installed at the lowest point of the basement floor. 

4. Clean-Up 

We respect your home or property; hence, the only trace we wish to leave behind is that of a job well done. This is why we work hard to clean up all the trash and debris from our project site, leaving the area spotless (as well as crack-less).

Contact Us Today 

Ready for a reliable and long-lasting cracked wall repair? We’re here to help! PRO Waterproofers has had extensive experience with waterproofing basements and repairing cracked walls. 

We make use of updated techniques and proven long-lasting materials to repair cracked walls and give property owners, like you, the peace of mind you deserve.  

We service the areas of Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville. If you have any questions for us about blindside waterproofing or other waterproofing options, feel free to call today!

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