Insulated concrete form (ICF) is a relatively new technology developed back in the late ’60s as a way to lay a building’s foundation. This kind of foundation carries several benefits – such as having great insulation and energy efficiency, high structural integrity, high resistance to fire, resistance to mould growth, and some resistance to insects (except in warmer climates).

If you have ICF foundation walls holding up your home, this means that interlocking expanded polystyrene (EPS) forms were used during construction and then poured concrete was set in the middle. Alternatively, extruded polystyrene (XPS) can also be used for these forms.

What makes this style of creating a building/home’s foundation unique is that the said forms become a part of the foundation walls, as an immovable layer of insulation. Understandably, since these forms sandwich the poured concrete, they have become the main consideration when it comes to the kind of waterproofing used. Hence, an ICF waterproofing membrane was developed. 

ICF Waterproofing overcomes the challenges that other modes of waterproofing will have if used for an ICF foundation, such as:

  • Traditional waterproofing membrane can easily puncture the polystyrene of ICF foundations
  • Poor long-term adhesion of the traditional waterproofing to the polystyrene of ICF foundations
  • Melting and incompatible chemistries when it comes to hot fluid-applied waterproofing systems.

Not sure if you have an ICF foundation on your property or if an ICF foundation is compatible with your needs? We can help. Our experts here at PRO Waterproofers can assess your home/building’s foundation and give recommendations for the best waterproofing performance solution or set of solutions for you.

Expert ICF Waterproofing Services 

Once you engage our professional waterproofing services, you can count on our proven methodology, updated techniques, and meticulously chosen set of materials to bring you ICF waterproofing that you can rely on for years to come. 

If your home or building has a concrete construction with an ICF foundation, ICF waterproofing is typically the most compatible solution for you by default. However, not all ICF waterproofing services are the same. 

We have all-around expertise on ICF waterproofing, its needed drainage system, and all other tangent solutions that your property may need. We also have updated knowledge regarding the most effective waterproofing materials that can be used. These allow us to offer expert ICF waterproofing services that go above and beyond expectations. 

Does Your Home or Building Need ICF Waterproofing? 

The first main question to ask whether or not ICF waterproofing is for you is “Do you have an ICF foundation?” If so, then ICF waterproofing is the go-to solution to protect your home/building’s foundation and basement. 

Typically, ICF waterproofing is done while the home or building’s foundation is still under construction because it is a must

Waterproofing your ICF foundation is imperative to protect your investment in your property’s ICF foundations (which is much higher than that for traditional poured foundation walls.) There are several joints in the ICF building blocks that can turn into channels for water to migrate through the foam layer toward the concrete foundation of the ICF walls. This can then lead to basement leaks. 

These leaks will not only cause water damage to property inside the basement (e.g. increased corrosion rate of metal components and warping of wooden items), it can also lead to mould growth and can even escalate into structural problems for your ICF foundation. 

How PRO Waterproofers Can Help 

Here at PRO Waterproofers, we are committed to providing top-notch services and reliable waterproofing solutions that will give you peace of mind. So if you need waterproofing systems for your ICF foundation or any kind of foundation, you can count on us. Here’s what sets up apart from the rest:

All-Around Basement and Foundation Waterproofing Experts 

On top of our superior workmanship, you can count on our multifaceted and thorough waterproofing expertise, honed through our years of experience. As dedicated experts in the industry, we can help match your needs with the fitting waterproofing solution (or set of solutions.) We can also determine which materials are best compatible with the nuances of your property.  

Environmentally-Friendly Materials 

The waterproofing solutions that we give are completely worry-free – not just in terms of reliability and durability but also from an environmental perspective. You won’t need to worry about soil pollution or the leaching of toxic compounds from petroleum-based paint. All the materials we choose are meticulously scrutinized to ensure that they are safe and environmentally friendly. Moreover, we strictly follow the local codes and the instructions in the installation manual to safeguard the surrounding earth.

Professional Service That You Can Count On 

To show respect for your time, our waterproofing pros will arrive right on schedule. And after the project is completed, we clean up any trash produced – this way, all we ever leave behind is a job well done. 

Fair Billing Policy 

We won’t charge you anything until the project is completed successfully. In addition, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees or hidden charges because we keep everything transparent and upfront. 

Our ICF Waterproofing Procedure 

1. Free Assessment 

The first step is to confirm that your home/building under construction has an ICF foundation. Other factors such as rainwater management, the topography of surrounding land, and so on will also give an idea if ICF waterproofing, by itself, is enough – or if tangent optimizations will be needed to keep your basement and foundations leak-free, moisture-free, and strong for years to come.

2. Recommendations 

Depending on our findings during the free assessment, we can proceed to schedule your ICF foundation waterproofing. In some cases, we may need to explore alternatives or added measures to waterproofing.

3. ICF Waterproofing Proper 

ICF waterproofing can be performed in two ways: the peelandstick method and the ICF-compatible spray method. 

The commonality of these two methods includes:

  1. The waterproofing materials are applied to the exterior side of the EPS walls that your ICF foundation has.
  2. Depending on the soil condition of where your property is located, a reliable drainage system may need to be set up to further reduce the chances of moisture intrusion from the water in the soil. 

There are also stark differences between the spray method and the peelandstick method in terms of the process involved and how reliable they are as waterproofing solutions for ICF walls.

a. Peel and Stick Method for ICF Waterproofing 

Over recent years, the peelandstick method has been more commonly used due to its availability and ease of usage which allows it to be part of a DIY project. 

Peel and stick waterproofing systems have many different manufacturers that have slightly different installation instructions; however, installation is always a multi-step process. Considerations before installing waterproofing include detailing the footing to the ICF wall joint, detailing the entire footing, applying primer, and caulking the edge of every seam to help prevent future delamination.

b. Spray Method for ICF Waterproofing 

The spray method of waterproofing on the other hand has a variety of advantages over peelandstick waterproofing, making it quickly gain popularity as the method of excellent choice. These are the advantages of the spray method over the peelandstick method of ICF waterproofing:

Points of Difference: Spray Method Peel and Stick Method
1. Time Needed
In the hands of an expert, it can be installed properly and faster because there is no need for primer prior to membrane installation.

There is also no need for additional caulking.

Water-based primers for polystyrene applications have slow dry times.

Furthermore, all seams must be caulked to prevent peeling, including the top seam around the entire perimeter.

2. Effectiveness in Moisture Control Provides a monolithic rubberized coating with no seams, making it more effective as a waterproofing solution. Seams are unavoidable between every sheet installed, presenting a risk for moisture infiltration.
3. Eco-friendliness No VOC or petroleum-based product. Some manufacturers require a petroleum-based primer.

Here at PRO Waterproofers, we make use of only top-notch waterproofing materials that can be applied via spray method for our ICF waterproofing projects. In the hands of our experienced waterproofing experts, ICF waterproofing is done quickly and effectively. 

4. Clean-Up 

Once we have successfully installed waterproofing to your ICF foundations, we will leave nothing behind except a job well done. To show respect for your property, we will clean up all the debris and trash produced by our project.

Contact Us Today 

Looking to get reliable and long-lasting ICF waterproofing for your ICF foundations? We at PRO Waterproofers are committed to providing only the best when it comes to workmanship and ICF waterproofing materials. 

We offer our services to many areas including Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville. If you have any questions for us about ICF waterproofing or other waterproofing options for other types of foundations, feel free to call today!

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