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For over 10 years,  PRO Waterproofers has been providing the Southern Ontario region, including Burlington, with trusted basement waterproofing solutions. Our innovative approach to utilize only locally-sourced equipment has allowed us to focus on providing waterproofing solutions to the economy that we serve.

One of the principal factors that negatively affects the integrity of one’s home structure is water damage. That’s why it is our mission to guarantee that your home and basement stay dry and free of this harmful moisture. By means of our professional services, we are able to continuously touch the lives of those in the areas we service. We truly value our place in the community.  

Wet Basement? We Can Help

Burlington garners an average rainfall of 36 inches per year. Additionally, snow that accumulates in the winter and melts in the spring produces gallons of water – seeping right into your basement. Due to defective basement foundations, some lower levels in the home can be flooded with only a minimal amount of rainfall.   

The most common factors that contribute to faulty basement foundations include:

  • Settling Foundation 
  • Bowing Walls Foundation 
  • Uneven Floors 
  • Wall Cracks

If neglected, basement flooding can develop into an issue that will only worsen over time. This is where PRO Waterproofers steps in. We specialize in the waterproofing of basements, residential areas, exterior and interior of the space, sump pumps, rack injection systems, and rainwater management. PRO Waterproofers promises to provide you with excellent waterproofing solutions that will keep your basement dry and 100% flood free.

Waterproofing Solutions for Every Need

Our process kicks off with a thorough evaluation of the situation before providing a solution. We understand that no two homes are the same, therefore, it is highly essential that we assess the present concern first. At PRO Waterproofers, we harness state-of-the-art techniques in foundation repair and guarantee dependable and long-lasting results. 

In detail, here are the Burlington waterproofing services we offer: 

Residential Waterproofing

PRO Waterproofers closely assesses factors that contribute to residential waterproofing such as window wells, foundations, downspouts, and sump pump issues. After diagnosing the main cause of your residential waterproofing concerns, we can provide you with the most comprehensive solution. 

Basement Waterproofing

Signs of water leaking into a basement differ from one home to another. There is a high possibility to have a wet basement regardless of whether it is finished or unfinished. However, it is usually much easier to tell with an unfinished basement. Wall cracks, flaky paint, efflorescence, and water seepage are all signs to be aware of with unfinished basement leaks. On the other hand, signs a finished basement is experiencing leaks are discolouration of the walls, rust stains, wet flooring, mould, and rotting wood.  

Exterior Waterproofing  

The best way to prevent water from infiltrating the foundation walls is by waterproofing the exterior of your home. This technique seals the water leak, rather than just redirecting it. A key attribute used in this procedure is a rubberized monolithic coating. This component is known for its seamless properties and harmless effects on the environment. Moreover, it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Our exterior waterproofing services include: 

  • Excavation
  • Slab Shrinkage Repair 
  • Window Well Installation 
  • Window Well Maintenance
  • Drainage Board Installation Weeping Tile Drainage Systems

Interior Waterproofing

When exterior waterproofing isn’t possible for a certain property, interior waterproofing services is an alternative method. While interior waterproofing may not be actual waterproofing per se, it does redirect water through the interior weeping system and out of your basement. The major elements in this solutions system consists of weeping tiles, a sump system, and a waterproof membrane. 

We provide:

  • Internal Weeping Tile System
  • Discharge Storm Sewer Line
  • Waterproof Membrane Installation

Sump Pump Systems

The need for a sump pump system is circumstantial to every household. Whether they are a standalone or an integrant of a solution set, high quality and fully sealed sump pump systems are indispensable to your home. PRO Waterproofers specializes in both the installation and maintenance of the primary pumps and backup pumps. 

Our sump pump services include: 

  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Battery Back Ups
  • Annual Maintenance and Repairs

Rainwater Management

A faulty downspout discharge system is another factor that can heavily damage your house. If the water flows right next to your foundation wall, the damage could be massive. This could cause long term problems, such as a flooded basement. If such a case arises, employing cheap extensions to the downspout may no longer be a viable option. Our excellent services will help deviate your downspout both underground and above. 

Crack Injections

If you need to complete a foundation repair from the inside, you might be surprised that excavation isn’t always necessary. This technique is most effective for poured foundations as opposed to block walls. For amplified stability on the fissures, our crack injections are fortified with high quality carbon fibre. This material comes with a 25 year warranty.   

Waterproofing Financing, Payment & Warranties

Financing Options

At PRO Waterproofers, we understand that waterproofing solutions can be costly. In line with this, we offer flexible financing options that lighten the load of the expenses, so that you can receive waterproofing solutions immediately. 

Your fast and convenient financing application is only a few clicks away. If you qualify for the program, you can rest assured that approval will only take a few minutes, without any obligations or commitments. We give our customers the opportunity to choose the payment terms and the timeframe of which the sum gets paid. Furthermore, you won’t ever have to worry about penalties or additional fees. Reach out to us today for more information on our financing options. 

Payment Deferrals

The expenses of unforeseen waterproofing issues can be stressful. That’s why we’ve devised a project payment deferral policy. At 0% interest, this financing option is available for our clients with qualified credit. To learn more about our payment deferrals, give us a call today. 

Guarantees & Warranty

At PRO Waterproofers, we proudly offer solutions with immense longevity. The quality of our work and services is truly unparalleled. Thanks to this, we offer a 30-year warranty on our comprehensive waterproofing systems.  

Our suppliers trust in the quality of our workmanship just as much as we do. For our establishment’s complete foundation and basement waterproofing system installations, our suppliers provide a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, they offer a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty for our concrete crack injections. 

Contact Our Burlington Waterproofers Today

Whatever your waterproofing solutions may be, PRO Waterproofers in Burlington has what you’re looking for. Our cutting-edge technology and 10 years worth of experience has built a reputation of reliability and professionalism unmatched by our competitors.

If you have any questions about our waterproofing Burlington services,  give us a call!

Make Sure You Are Familiar With The Most Common Signs Of Basement Water Leak

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    Make Sure You Are Familiar With
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