Foundation Crack Repairs

Foundation cracks are a common problem that many homeowners face. These cracks vary in severity, with some merely causing a leaky basement and others serving as an early warning of a more serious structural issue involving the home’s foundation.

Assessing such cracks thoroughly and providing reliable foundation crack repair is one of the services we provide at PRO Waterproofers

Expert Foundation Repair Services 

You may notice cracks on your basement walls and floors but that often is only the tip of the iceberg. In this situation, it’s important to figure out what caused the crack in the first place, the factors that are aggravating the cracks, and what could cause new cracks to form in the future.

When you enlist the help of PRO Waterproofers, we take the time to first assess the cause of the problem. Depending on your case, our highly rated foundation crack injection service may be the solution you need to keep basement leaks at bay (a solution that works for more than 95% of cases we experience). 

Foundation crack repair through crack injections can fix your problem completely with long-lasting results. You can rest assured that PRO Waterproofers has the expertise, equipment, updated methodology, and the reliable materials that will make this procedure a success.

Does Your Home Have Cracks In Its Foundation? 

Have you ever stepped into your basement one day only to realize that a new crack or several new cracks have formed on the walls or floors? As a property owner, we can fully understand that this is cause for concern. 

The Cause of Cracks on Basement Walls or Floors 

While foundation crack repair through crack injections is usually the best solution for most cases, we may recommend additional solutions on a case-by-case basis. Here are the most common causes of cracks on basement walls or floors to help you identify the scope of the problem:

1. They’re Not Cracks, Just Deliberate Cold Joints 

Cold joints are parts of the foundation wherein one batch of concrete is poured and has begun hardening, then later, another batch of concrete is poured against or along it. These are usually purposefully planned by the contractors during construction. 

Poured concrete basements may have straight control joints or contraction joints. These are purposefully put in place to relieve stress during concrete shrinkage. 

2. Foundation Cracks Due to Concrete Shrinkage 

These are thin, hairline cracks that usually do not run the whole length of the wall or floor. These cracks appear because of the concrete’s curing process (when extra water evaporates causing the concrete to shrink).  

3. Backfilling Too Soon After the Foundation’s Construction 

Concrete takes time to harden. If the area around the basement is backfilled with soil too soon, horizontal cracks can appear. 

4. Extra Load On Top of the Foundation Wall 

If a parking space or driveway is situated near your home’s foundation, this can cause an extra load to be put on a wall(s) leading to distinct horizontal cracks. 

5. Soil Loading and Expansive Soils 

The soil itself can be putting pressure on your foundation wall. The greatest force is usually dealt on the lower portion of the wall and this leads to distinct horizontal cracks. 

If your home sits on soil with a high clay content, this kind of soil can expand whenever it is wet. This leads to lateral pressure on your basement walls, leading to the formation of cracks. 

6. Water Loading (Hydrostatic Pressure) 

If your foundation sits on a high water table, you will have hydrostatic pressure against the foundation. This causes various cracks to appear.

7. Foundation Settling 

A few inches of foundation settlement is normal if it is evenly distributed. However, severe differential settling can be detrimental to the home’s structural integrity. This can cause longer and wider cracks to appear.

8. Earthquakes and Floods 

Earthquakes and floods can cause pressure on your foundation walls which can cause cracks to appear. 

Problems That Can Arise From Basement/Foundation Cracks 

Any type of crack can cause water to leak into the basement and form puddles or even floods, causing water damage to stored items and fixtures as well as mould formation. 

Foundation cracks can get worse over time when not attended to, causing even more leaks and floods in the basement. And of course, certain cracks should not be taken lightly as they signify a greater structural problem.

All things considered, it’s best to get in touch with an expert as soon as you notice a crack in your basement or foundation. 

How PRO Waterproofers Can Help 

At PRO Waterproofers we strive to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. With minor cracks patched up, you won’t have to worry about frequent leaks or the gradual erosion of your basement wall. 

Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

All-Around Basement Waterproofing Experts 

With our vast array of specialties and years of experience, we can recommend to you the best possible solution or set of solutions that you need for long-term results. 

Environmentally-Friendly Materials 

When we say we are committed to giving worry-free solutions, we mean it. This includes environmental concerns. For all of our waterproofing solutions, we use environmentally-friendly materials that do NOT leach toxic compounds into your soil.

Professional Service That You Can Count On 

When you bring your business to us, we give full commitment to providing you with reliable and professional service. We work in a timely manner and treat your property with the utmost respect. The only trace that we were ever in your home is a job well done. 

Fair Billing Policy 

We only charge you once the work is complete. Our billing policy is completely transparent with no hidden charges or fees, everything is upfront. 

Our Foundation Crack Injection Procedure 

1. FREE in-Home Assessment 

In this free assessment, we ask you about expectations regarding your basement. Some homeowners want to manage puddles or flooding, while others need a fully dry basement in order to create a finished extension of their living space. 

We will also look into other factors that could be causing and aggravating basement cracks and flooding such as rainwater management, the topography of your yard, and so on. 

2. Presentation of Solutions 

After a thorough assessment, we will present you with viable solutions. Depending on the assessment, foundation crack repair via concrete injections may be enough, however, if there are other factors at play, we will also present you with solutions to address those. If we find that the basement or foundation cracks are structurally problematic, we will also give recommendations on the next steps. 

3. Fixing Your Home’s Foundation Cracks 

We use the highest quality epoxy crack injections. For most basement cracks, this concrete injection is enough to help give both structural and cosmetic repair. As a material, cured epoxy has greater tensile strength than concrete making it ideal for foundation crack repair.

We use an adjusted viscosity of epoxy to enable it to go through various sizes of cracks, thereby sealing the crack completely. Thanks to the extended curing time of epoxy, it can penetrate through the concrete and set between its fine fissures, integrating fully to the wall or floor.  

We start the process by cleaning the site of repair. We then proceed to mounting the injection ports on the crack. High-quality sealer is spread on the surface of the crack. This visually conceals the crack while also providing resistance so that the epoxy can be injected through the whole depth and length of the crack. Using our specialized technique and equipment, the crack injection will go right through, even with deeper cracks. 

4. Clean-Up 

To show the utmost respect for your home, we leave nothing behind except a job well done. We will take away all the debris or trash produced from the project and leave everything in order. 

Contact Us Today 

Ready for our long-lasting basement waterproofing solutions and peace of mind? We would be very happy to help!

Our services are available for the areas of Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville. If you have any questions for us or if you are in need of our expert foundation crack repair services, feel free to call today!

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